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Tonte Dance

Keisha aka Tonte grew up a happy creative kid of Jamaican / Nigerian parents living in South East London, she pursued her love of street and cultural dance and eventually started teaching dance in her local church in her teens. Happy days!


But there was one thing that always lurked in the background.

Tonte suffered with acute eczema, skin infections and allergies, this affected what she ate, wore, where she went, and even her life choices and eventually wore on her self esteem. She began to hide.


It went on for over 40 years! 

After having her kids, it got unbearable..

As a result she researched and explored in desperation ALL the types of healing you can imagine. Now not only for herself but also for her children!

Although this made her extremely knowledgeable about her body, nothing had that long lasting deep and impact.

Until she turned to God for answers. 

In 2021 She experienced complete healing from eczema, built up her confidence and self esteem and began breaking down life barriers like you wouldn't believe!

Don't get me wrong, the healing journey continues, but only from a much stronger standpoint rooted in Christ..

When you finally connect with Tonte, not only you will get the benefit of working with a qualified IDTA freestyle dance teacher, performer and choreographer with a 1st class BA degree in Diverse Dance Styles,  but also someone who is passionate about not seeing you or your children suffer long term illness as long as she did!

Let her help you to explore the same scriptural 'impactful and deeper' answers to healing through Christian urban dance.

"It started me on a road to self discovery." Natasha 2024

Our Dance Community is dedicated to encourage you to go beyond what you think you can achieve in dance and in life. It's a place where you can feel welcome and do your dance whilst building your faith for healing..

You will experience..

- ONLY clean, faith-based Christian music  

- Scripture based healing dance programmes

- Nurture healthy, life style habits

- Goal crush - lifestyle coaching and mentoring


Don't miss out on what's new with Tonte Dance!

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