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Charlotte, UK

"Charlotte Loved Goal Crush Because..."

Marie, UK

"Marie Loved Goal Crush because.."

Health. Dance. Life.

'Feel Like You Again'.

Goal Crush is an accountability programme designed for professional women suffering with eczema, who have a community spirit and WANT to help others but are held back by LIFE!

If your eczema healing is just taking too long and leading you into a dark place, you lack the same motivation you had before and are only SEEMING to be high functioning but screaming inside, lets chat.

We will 

1) Have an initial 20 min consultation to see if the program is a good fit, you will get a chance to get some help even if you decide not to do the program.

2) If you're like OK lets do this, then you can choose a package and time frame that suits your pocket.

3) We pick a start date and weekly call slot and begin getting your life back.

I don't want YOU to suffer the way I did with long term eczema for over 40 years, so I have a deep passion to help you. I recognize it's not just about your SKIN, your lifestyle, health choices and fitness play a part, but most importantly your Spiritual health! Find out how God healed my eczema!

Who am I?

I am a qualified coach, facilitator and have been mentoring in the community for over 20 years.

Of course  I am also an IDTA qualified dance teacher so we're going to get fit. Yay! 


In full transparency I do not claim to be food expert but I can tell you my own 4 year food  journey transformation (feel like I did so much research I can definitely help you with that).

I'm also a mum with children who also suffered with eczema and so my passion for eczema crush is HIGH!

Above ALL we will dive into Scriptural wisdom for healing!

NB: If NONE of your goals shift in the first 4 weeks after you have done activities we agree on there is a money back guarantee. However I'm confident that will never happen. If it does for YOU I will keep my word.

Lets sort your Health. Dance. Life Goals.

Goal Crush Benefits

- Personalized assessment and goal setting sessions

- Personalized fitness /dance tasks

- Scripture meditation coaching

- Weekly check in over the phone

- Someone who will listen and who genuinely cares

- Prayer on request

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