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Health. Dance. Life.

'I just want to feel like me again'.

Goal Crush is an accountability programme specifically designed for those who have life, fitness or health goals, but struggle to reach them alone.

Lack of motivation, difficult environment or life circumstances has slowed you right down, your confidence has gone, self esteem at an all time low, but you're ready to make a change and do the work!

Keisha Tonte Njoku has over 20 years experience of helping others set and meet their goals. Her background is in community development and international programme design. Having worked with a range of cultures over the years to 'make things happen' she now aspires to show you how to break down what you want into smaller managable tasks and mindset shifts. Something you can use for life.

She is an IDTA qualified dance teacher with over 20 years of experience. She also has her own eczema healing testimony and can show you how she rid her body of a 30+ year old disease that looked like it would never shift. 

Lets sort your health. Dance. Life Goals.

Goal Crush Benefits

- Personalized assessment and goal setting sessions

- Personalized fitness /dance videos

- Scripture meditation and movement audio for your specific issue

- Weekly check in with training segments

- Someone who will listen and who genuinely cares

- Prayer on request

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