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Is This How It's Done?

Have you ever entered a dance class, started moving and then felt that sharp pain. Owwwww my knee! Or even worse a crick in the back!

I've been there. It was our live class summer community event and all the students had been preparing for the performance for weeks.

Nice vibe, great music. It was a family event so all the kids and grannies were there. Including my own kids. Just before we went on I attempted to pick both my boys up at the same time (not sure why) and I felt crick!

My back! After a bit of drama and panic.. The show went on and I muddled through.. but later I had to investigate. After a few physio sessions I discovered how much the body was interconnected. An issue in my core muscles which had been working on strengthening for about 4 years meant I had ignored the muscles in my lower back and they had grown weak. So I embarked on a programme to strenthen my lower back.

A pain in the ankle can stem from an issue in the hip, a back problem can be helped by leanring how to breathe correctly. Seriously. Knee problems can stem from your alignment and good posture.

The point is you don't have to be stuck with the knee issue any more, get help from a medical professional. Preferably someone who understad how the body is interconnected such as a dance / sports / physio professional and can prescribe the correct exercises and advice.

If you join a dance class make sure the teacher is aware of any pre-existing mild conditions so that they can adapt the movements or give alternatves for you. However they are not doctors so get some advcie if it niggling! It can be fixed!

Tonte Dance cares about your health and safety in dance. Try our dance programme Free for 7 days - you will not be disappointed and you will most definately be looked after.


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